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North Idaho atheist billboard vandalized


MOSCOW, Idaho. - In a press release issued Wednesday, the American Humanist Association said the organization may have to pay to replace an atheist billboard in Moscow after it was vandalized.

According the to American Humanist Association, the billboard, the third displayed by the organization in Moscow, reads "Millions are good without God." The vandal(s) used what appears to be spray paint to black out the word 'without.'

"I knew there would be some disagreement with the billboard's slogan, but I do wish that those who objected would have opened a dialogue with us rather than trying to stifle our message and damaging property," said Roy Speckhardt, executive director of the American Humanist Association. "A phone call would have been much nicer."

The company that AHA contracted with to display the billboard, Lamar Outdoor, said they will assess whether or not the billboard can be cleaned. If not, the American Humanist Association will pay to have the billboard replaced.

This is the first American Humanist Association advertisement that has been defaced to the organization's knowledge, according to the organization's communications and policy manager.

"We have had a few complaints about our advertisements, but most have been respectful of our right to speak our minds," said Speckhardt.