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BSU President: Vandal Culture is 'Nasty', 'Inebriated'

In effect, Boise State football coach Chris Peterson said he didn't care much for the Idaho Vandals and their avid fans. And BSU president Bob Kustra backed him up on that Tuesday in an article published in the Idaho Statesman.

(Read the entire article from the Idaho Statesman here)

"Frankly, I don't care whether we ever play 'em again as long as it goes," Kustra told the newspaper's editorial board. "I don't see any reason to do it in Boise, but if somebody sees a reason to do it in Boise, fine."

While at the WAC preview meeting in Salt Lake City, Peterson said, "Why would we (go to Moscow?) I don't think our fans even like to go up there. Most of Idaho's fans are in Boise anyway."

University of Idaho president M. Duane Nellis told the Statesman he was "disappointed" to hear the remarks.

At issue is whether the Broncos and Vandals should continue their longstanding rivalry after Boise State bolts from the WAC in 2011. The Broncos accepted an invitation to join the Mountain West Conference, while Idaho would remain in the WAC.

What really makes Vandal fans upset is the way Kustra characterized them to the Idaho Statesman editorial board. He called the divide between the two schools a cultural one - a nasty one that's turned more personal than anything. He said he and his wife no longer travel to Moscow games, saying the Vandals support a "culture that is nasty" and "inebriated". His school is above that, he said.