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GSL school information

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East Valley High School Knights

Location: 15711 E. Wellesley Avenue in the Spokane Valley, about 10 miles east of Spokane.

Enrollment: Approximently 1,500 students attend East Valley, with a staff of 125.

Details: The knights participate in a wide array of extracurricular activities through the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association.

Fall Coaches:

Football: Adam Fisher

Volleyball: Jim Dorr

Ferris High School Saxons

Location: 3020 East 37th Avenue on the Spokane, WA South Hill.

Enrollment: There are approximently 1,767 students enrolled.

Fall Coaches:

Football: James Sharkey is the head varsity football coach of the Saxons competing as a 4A school.

Volleyball: Stacey Ward

Boys Cross Country: Michael Hadway

Girls Cross Country: James Noble

Softball (slowpitch): Linda Bushinski

Girls soccer: Robin Crain

Gonzaga Preparatory School Bullpups

Location: 1224 East Euclid in north Spokane, WA.

Enrollment: There are approximently 886 students enrolled

Details: Gonzaga Prep was opened by Father Joseph Cataldo, S.J. along with his eight faculty members and upholds a 118 year tradition. Prep continues to be the only Jesuit Cathloc high school in the Inland Northwest and one of 46 in the United States.

Fall Coaches:

Football: Dave Carson is the current head varsity football coach, leading the bullpups to third in the state in 2004.

Volleyball: Greg Smith

Boys Cross Country: Joe Feryn 

Girls Cross Country: Terry Kelly

Girls soccer: Christian Birrer

Lewis and Clark High School Tigers

Location: 521 West Fourth Avenue in downtown Spokane.

Enrollment: There are approximently 2,100 students presently enrolled at LC.

Details: Central School, a two-story wooden building, was the  first school located in the current Fourth and Stevens block of LC back in 1883. It began the legacy of LC, which was formally dedicated April 3, 1912. "Look" magazine named LC one of the 100 best high schools in the United States in October of 1946.

Fall Coaches:

Football: Tom Yearout is the current head coach of Varsity Tiger Football leading many of his players to making the 2006 All-GSL team, with four on the first team, keeping tiger pride alive. The tigers compete as a 4A school.

Volleyball: Julie Yearout

Boys Cross Country: Andre Wicks

Girls Cross Country: Mark Vandine

Softball (slowpitch): Tara Groves

Mount Spokane High School Wildcats

Location: 6015 East Mt. Spokane Park Drive in the foothills of Mount Spokane in Mead, WA.

Enrollment: There are approximently 1,353 students enrolled.

Details: Mt. Spokane celebrates its ten year aniversary this year. It opened in 1997 and had its first graduating class in 1999.

Fall coaches:

Volleyball: John Reid

Football: Mike McLaughlin

Boys Cross Country: Craig Dietz

Girls Cross Country: Joanie Jones

Girls soccer: Ryan Campanella

Mead High School Panthers

Location: 12828 W. Hastings Road in Spokane, WA.

Enrollment: Approximently 1,650 students attend Mead high school.

Details: Mead high school recently went through an extensive remodel beginning in May of 1999 and ending August of 2001.

Fall Coaches:

Football: Sean Carty is the head varsity football coach. The panther football team hold the 2003 and 2005 GSL champions title, among others. They compete as a 4A school.

Volleyball: The panther volleyball team are five time Washington State Champions, winning the title for the last five years in a row.

Girls Cross Country: Dori Robertson

Central Valley High School Bears

Location: 821 S. Sullivan Rd. in the Spokane Valley.

Enrollment: There are approximently 1,800 students who attend Central Valley.

Details: Central Valley originally opened in 1927 in the current location of Greenacres middle school. It was later updated in 1956 and again in September of 2000.

Fall Coaches:

Cross Country: James Berry

Football: Rick Giampietri

Volleyball: Chad Coupland

University High School Titans

Location: 12420 E. 32nd Avenue in the Spokane Valley.

Enrollment: Approximently 1,800 students attend University with 153 staff members.

Details: University High School was rebuilt in 2002.

Fall Coaches:

Football: Mike Ganey

Girls Cross Country: Chrissy Francek

Boys Cross Country: Mike Barbero

Girls soccer: Kevin Houston

Shadle Park High School Highlanders

Location: 4327 N. Ash St. in Spokane, WA.

Enrollment: Approximently 1,681 students attend Shadle Park.

Details: The land where Shadle Park resides was donated to the city of Spokane by Jessie Comstock Shadle, the widow of Eugene Shadle, for the purpose of building a park. Only a bit of the land was used to build the high school, which opened in 1957. Since Eugene Shadle was a desendent of the Scottish Hendersen clan, the school crest adopted the cresent and star to honor Shadle. The crest was presented to Shadle High School by the class of 1964 and remains a permanent fixture in the commons of the school.

Fall Coaches:

Football: Mark Hester

Girls Cross Country: Bob Isitt

Volleyball: Brooke Cooper

Rogers High School Pirates

Location: 1622 E. Wellesley Avenue on the northeast side of Spokane, WA in the Hillyard district.

Enrollment: 1,741 students attend Rogers.

Details: Rogers originally opened its doors in 1932. Currently, the school is under an extensive remodel that began the summer of 2006 and is expected to end December of 2008. The remodel will update the 1932 art-deco and will span across 264,000 sq. feet.

Fall Coaches:

Football: Ted Lyon

North Central High School Indians

Location: 1600 N. Howard in Spokane, WA.

Enrollment: Around 1,610 students attend North Central.

Details: The doors of North Central opened in September of 1908 with a half wing for 200 students. It soon merged with South Central High School where William Jennings Bryan and Booker T. Washington both spoke. The current building was rebuilt in 1980.

Fall Coaches:

Football: Grady Emerson

Volleyball: Shannon Bongtrager

Boys Cross Country: Jon Knight

Girls Cross Country: Dempsey Ortega

Softball (slowpitch): Chuck Filippini