65 Years - Spokane, North Idaho News & Weather KHQ.com

There aren’t many TV stations in America that can tout same call letters, the same network affiliation, and especially the same ownership since inception. KHQ is fortunate to have the trifecta. We're the Inland Northwest’s first TV station. We’ve led technological innovation here and we’ve led it nationwide. Now we’re trying to put our stamp on “OTT”— also known as “over the top.” It’s called “over the top” because it’s a transmission format delivered via the internet instead over the airwaves or cable cords. If you have a Roku, Amazon Fire or the latest generation Apple TV, be sure to download the new KHQ SWX app. It’s free and available right now. [video link on how to do that]. Most of these TV apps are pretty similar. You can watch live newscasts or view on-demand video. Q6 has added a special touch to help celebrate our 65th birthday. We call it the “Q Vault.” We are unlocking decades of footage from our stories history and making it available for your eyes once again. Few stations are able to do this. Usually when a TV station is acquired by new ownership, it’s out with the old, in with the new. In some cases, the old film has been damaged in fire or flooding. We don’t have every stitch of video from our 65 years, but we do have quite a bit. If there is something you’d like to see, drop us a line at qvault@khq.com. It’s unlikely we’ll revisit specific news stories like arrests or fires. But if the video covers events of historical significance or has a unique memorable quality, we’d rather footage be back on “the air” instead of gathering dust in our tape room. We do receive a lot of requests to see copies of our classic original programming, like "Starlit Stairway." Unfortunately, those were live shows that weren’t recorded. Call it a byproduct of the era. Coming soon, we’re going to produce specific programming built for these connected TV devices. We hope you enjoy a look back at our amazing history as we prepare for an incredible future.