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Building Spokane

The fire of 1889 burned Spokane to the ground. But, then, as now, we had faith in this small town by the river. We rebuilt better and stronger. Now, Spokane's a town of 200,000 people. We've thrown off every prediction of blight. We believe in each other. We honor our roots. And we offer a warm, intrepid hospitality.

Spokane is enjoying an exciting period of revitalization and growth. We're still fascinated by horizons. But we're building our future by acknowledging our past. We're renovating, reconstructing and ... and seeing the incredible economic benefit of simply doing the right thing by our downtown architectural treasures. It's the ultimate artistic efficiency.

The National Trust for Historic Preservation said Spokane has "a preservation ethic." That's high praise. We need to keep it true.

        In this video, you’ll see the progress on the new “M’ Building and learn more about how
        Walker Construction meets these unique safety challenges.