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    • Your dog can be a professional actor

      Dogs often appear in television shows, movies, commercials and more. If your dog has star quality, it could be a hit in Hollywood and enjoy the spotlight too.

    • DNA testing your dog

      With approximately 50 percent of the U.S. dog population composed of mixed breeds, it's a question many dog lovers hear. In the past, guesses at the breed mix were based on appearance and temperament, but now DNA testing can unlock the mystery of a dog's genetic heritage.

    • 3 most common dog-related allergies

      Allergies are one of the leading causes of visits to the veterinary office: They account for up to 25 percent of visits, according to some estimates.

    • Can a dog help your child read?

      Reading assistance dog programs are popping up at libraries, schools and nonprofit organizations. Both organizers and participants say the literacy dogs are making a significant difference in the lives of children.

    • Private or group dog-training classes?

      Although the old saying holds that "you can't teach an old dog new tricks," it's actually never too late or too early to train your dog.

    • Best dog breeds for kids

      Are you at last ready to get your children that puppy they've been begging for?

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  • Choosing the Right Dog

    Man's best friends come in all shapes, sizes, and, of course, personalities. The key in finding the right dog for you and your family is simply knowing what to look for.>>
  • Vets Join Campaign to Prevent Dog Bites

    Vets Join Campaign to Prevent Dog Bites

    With children the most frequent victims of dog bites and dog bites accounting for 5 percent of emergency room victims, a national veterinary organization is offering tips for protecting yourself and your family.>>
  • Choosing a Groomer

    Choosing a Groomer

    Imagine how you would look and feel if you never bathed, brushed your hair, or trimmed your nails. To be healthy and happy, your companion animal needs basic grooming, too. >>
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