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Controlling Your Holiday Spending - For the Kids

One Trendy Gift
Every year there is a “Tickle Me Elmo” or a “Beanie Baby” or a “Furbie.” Allow each child one trendy gift, and call it quits after that. They will have the satisfaction of getting the hot gift that everyone wants and you will get to see their faces light up. Hey – you’re only young once!

Kid’s Choice
Let your kid make the choice what his or her present is. Explain that Santa needs to know if they would prefer that video game they asked for or the action figure they wanted. This way, you can gauge what they really want and they have the opportunity to learn how to make decisions and set priorities. Also, if a trendy item is part of the equation, then they can also re-evaluate the importance of that item all on their own. Life is full of lessons.

Video Sets
There are some great children’s videos out there that are both entertaining and educational. If you get a set of these, and wrap them individually, it will look like a bunch of presents…This is a great inexpensive gift that they can use for a long, long time, and then pass down to younger siblings or cousins.