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Your Health Right Now: Alcohol Awareness Month

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April showers us with many great reasons to think about our health - the first being that April is Alcohol Awareness Month!

Alcohol Awareness Month encourages local communities to focus on alcoholism and alcohol-related issues.  It began in 1987 as a way of reaching the American public with information about the disease of Alcoholism - that is as a treatable disease, not a moral weakness, and that alcoholics can and do recover.  Alcohol Free Weekend 2009 was April 3-5, and was designedto raise public awareness about the use of alcohol and how it may be affecting individuals, families, and businesses.  Contact local NCADD affiliates, Alcoholics Anonymous, and Al-Anon to learn more about alcoholism and its early symptoms. 

For More information, visit the National Council on Alcoholism & Drug Dependence at

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