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Got a nice e-mail from a viewer

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Hey everyone,

   I was sent a nice email last week asking about my job.  It's always nice when people show interest in what you do. 

  Craig writes:

     "One of the cool extras about watching KHQ (for me, on weekday mornings) is the intro/outro music for the segments.  It's fun to try and quickly guess the tune and then how it relate(s/d) to the segment. Sometimes the relation is downright funny (e.g. Hungry Like The Wolf for the segment on the house with straw insulation).

    My questions are for the person (Billy?) that puts this together:

How much time do you have to come up with your selections?  On average, how many do you do in a week?  Where do you get the tunes from? (you can take the 5th on this one)  :- Big on SRV, yes?    

Thanks for the morning fun and keep up the good work!



     Thanks for the Comments/Question

There isn't really a set answer for those questions except of course, to the SRV question; Yes, I am a big Stevie fan ("Caught in the Crossfire" is a fantastic biography).

    I match songs to stories when I can.  We like the music to be upbeat and toe-tap-able first and foremost.  I don't usually know what stories are coming up till just before they're on.  It's not really too hard to match songs.  I have a pretty good idea of what music I have with me.  Some music is on a hard drive and reasonably easy to cue up.  And all the CDs I use are right next to me so I can pull it at out select track X in no time.  There are probably a lot of song/story correlations that I throw in that no one ever gets too.  Just things I throw in for my own amusement.  As far as how many I play in a week.  Well, do you mean songs or songs that tie into a story?  I honestly couldn't say.  I played about 16 songs today not counting our royalty-free music.  If there is a lot of breaking news I may not play a single song.

    It's good to know some of you have as much fun with the music as I do.  It gives me even more motivation to play around on the job and keep you listening.  So by all means play along at home.  Every time you hear a song that in some way fits in with the story, take a drink of coffee or a shot of espresso (be mindful of your blood pressure).

     Here's a list of the songs I played today.

Take Five                                Dave Brubeck

Anyway You Want It                Journey

Zodiac                                     Full Monty Soundtrack

Black Betty                              Ram Jam

Theme to Doogie Howser MD.

Warriors                                  Thin Lizzy

Louisiana Saturday Night          Alabama

Sweet Home Alabama               Lynyrd Skynyrd

Same Old Song and Dance         Aerosmith

Marry Marry                              The Monkees

Theme to Jurassic Park              John Williams

Time Off For Bad Behavior          David Allan Coe

Rattlesnake Rock & Roller           Blackfoot

Hello Marylou                              CCR

You Sexy Thing                           Hot Chocolate