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“Heyyyyy, from the racks and stacks it's the best on wax"

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So I've had this pet peeve eating away at me for a while.  It's music-related so I thought I'd jot it down.  I'll give anyone who can explain it to me an official Photographer Don Clossin-autographed drink cup from the convenience store of Don's Choice...maybe.

    The movie "Stand by Me" starts out with the narration of the lead character, Gordie Lachance, saying he grew up in the town Castle Rock in 1959.  This is when the movie is presumed to take place.  We'll all have to agree on that for this rant to hold water.  In one of the first scenes we hear the radio being played while the camera sweeps in to a shot of the tree house the boys are playing in and the DJ on the radio is heard, "Hey, it's the Bossman, Bob Cormier here.  It's a beautiful Friday morning in Portland!  It's 90 K-L-A-M degrees and gettin' hotter! Up the ladder with another platter, it's Bobby Day with "Rockin' Robin." It's BOSS!"

   Now That song, Rockin Robin, was released in 1958.  One can assume the station, KLAM, at the time the movie is set, playing current R&B hits.   

  My gripe comes from a scene later in the movie.  It's the famous "barfing" scene when Gordie tells the story of young Davie Hogan.  In his story the same DJ is introduced to the crowed at the contest and given the Microphone.  His speech is flashy, using his radio voice he says, "Heyyyyy, from the racks and stacks it's the best on wax. How about another double golden oldie twin-spin sound sandwich from K-L-A-M in Portland!"  

  O.K. If old Bobby is a celebrity D.J. at a hot current hits station, why does he use the phrase "Golden Oldie"?  Was that even a phrase back then?


   Here's a list of the songs I played today.

                                      April 28th

Always Something there to Remind Me                              Naked Eyes

Sweet Jane                                                                              Mott the Hoople

Runnin' on Empty                                                              Jackson Brown

Vehicle                                                                                                Ides of March

Let It all Hang Out                                                                  Hombres

You've Got a Friend                                                             James Taylor

Movie it on Over                                                                George Thorogood

Sympathy for the Devil                                                          Rolling Stones

Vacation                                                                                  The Go Go's

Bourbon St. Parade                                                                        Al Hirt

Heart Break Hotel                                                               Willie Nelson


                                       April 29th

Sittin' On the Dock of the Bay      Aaron Neville

The Glow                                            Willie Hutch

When You're Hot You're Hot                  Jerry Reed

Baby I Love Your Way                     Will to Power

To Hot to Stop                                                The Bar-Keys

You're the Best Around                Joe Esposito

Woolly Bully                                        Sam the Sham

Weight                                                 The Band

Me and Julio                                       Paul Simon

Some Like it Hot                              Power Station

The Glamorous Life                              Sheila E.

Celebration                                         Kool and the Gang

Aint Misbehavin                              Allen Tousaint

Lets Dance