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Make Her Mothers Day Winning Nominations

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Monday's Winner: Ethan Harrison

The woman I think deserves this dinner the most is not technically my biological mother.  My father passed away when I was 15 and my own mother and I had a falling out and I have been on my own since I was 17.  When I had no where to go and no where to live, Dana Gruis and her family took me in.  Not only did they help me by giving me a place to stay, but she has made me feel so welcome!  She has done everything in her power to make me feel like I belong in the fmaily and that they really care.  Dana Cruis not only deserves this because she has been a great mother of two, but has now taken in a complete stranger and shown him love that he never knew.  I hiope that you will consider Dana Gruis for dinner becuase I can think of no one else that deserves it more.

Tuesday's Winner:  Joey Strehlou

I have the most fantastic mother alive.  She is the most wonderful person you could know.  My mom is very unselfish.  She does everything and and anything for everyone.  She has been a foster mom for 9 years and had over 37 children in our home.  She has raised 3 sisters already and then there is me and she adopted a 15 year old boy.  She has been handicapped for 13 years and has limited use of part of her body, but let me tell you, she is a trooper and keeps on going.  To top this off, she is a single mom and you would never know she has done all this by herself.  She never misses any of my football games, basketball games or track meets.  She loves us with everything she has.  She is there all the time and never lets us down.  My mom Debbie Strehlou is my super hero and that's why I think she deserves a dinner out.

Wednesday's Winner:  Orlando Hoffmeister

My name is Orlando and I am 11 years old.  My mom deserves a dinner out because she is the best.  Me and my brother are really lucky to have her.  My little brother can be quite a pain but my mom handles things pretty well.  He is 5 years old and ready for kindergarten.  He is excited to go and my mom works with him every night on his name, numbers and adress.  My mom works as a babysitter and has the kids and us all of the time.  She has the other kids in the morning before school 7:30am to 8:30am and after 11:30am for one and 3:30pm to 10:30pm for the other.  That is a very long day.  There are two kids she takes care of and I am proud of her and everything she does.  She even gets the house clean!  I tried to do it all one day and I do not know how she does it all.  Her and my dad never go out because there is never any time for just them.  I think that she deserves this cause it would make her really happy and I like to make my mom happy.

Thursday's Winner:  Sara McDaniel

My wife Sara really deserves to be mentioned for all she has done. We have a 6 and 4 year old and she is their whole world to them.  4 years ago I was diagnosed w/ a chronic illness and our whole world had to change. Sara stepped up and has not stopped since.  To ensuring that my diet  and medication are taken care of, she is a school volunteer for the kids... while going to school and working full time. Her day starts at 6am and ends after midnight. She is our hero, and she hasn't ever asked for anything in return.  Me, and my kids Haley and Robbie think she's the best.  She deserves a nice night out, and definitly could use it.  Thank you for letting us tell you about Sara. Without her we would be lost.

Friday's Winner:  Penny Brown

This is not my mother, however someone else's mother, she is a grandmother, of one of our patients, here at our healthcare facility,this pt has cerebral palsy and needs alot of care ,she brings him in for all of his therapy appointment, she is a live in caregiver for her grandson, and just never seems to have time or the money for herself, she appears tired often, I just lately asked her if she ever got a break from all she does for her grandson and she said never, I asked her when was the last time she did something just for herself, and she could not remember.  I can't think of a more deserving mother, grandmother than she.  Her dedication to her grandsons care, is very comendable, she deserves this dinner for herself and so much more, not all grandmother or mothers for that matter dedicate themselves that much., she truely deserves a nice dinner and a night out just for herself. that is what motherhood is all about DEDICATION for those you love.