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President leads nation in remembering fallen troops

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WASHINGTON. - President Barack Obama laid a wreath at Arlington National Cemetary Monday, honoring our nation's servicemen and women during his first Memorial Day ceremony as Commander-In-Chief.

Hundereds-of-thousands across the country paused to remember those who have fought and continue to fight for our freedom.

It is, a solemn day framed by memories. A time set aside for our nation's most important heroes.

From New York, where Fleet Week included a tribute at the Intrepid Museum to Los Angeles where thousands ran to honor and remember.

Hundreds gathered alongside the U.S.S. Wisconsin docked in Norfolk, Virginia.

"Stop and think about the shipmates who are dead and gone," said former USS Wisconsin crew member Jim Cook.

In Minnesotta a family of three included Staff Seargent Dan Jordan just home from Iraq to honor his father, and grandfather, who served before him.

There was a firey tribute at Fort Jackson in South Carolina.

While in Portsmouth, Virginia at the nation's oldest Memorial Day parade soldiers march out of respect, knowing full well they could some day follow the same path and face the same dangers as the fallen they remember on this day.

Hundreds gathered in rain-soaked Liberty, Kansas.

"It inspires you really, makes you feel fortunate to live in a country like this," said Vietnam Veteran John Wallace.

Fortunate to live free because so many have served and died answering the highest call.

"More than seven generations of them are chronicled here at Arlington.

They are etched into stone, recounted by family and friends, and silently observed by the might oaks that have stood over burial after burial," said the President.

Today honored for making that ultimate sacrifice.

President Obama said Monday that he will continue to make sure that all of Americans servicemen and women are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve pledging the most funding ever for veteran's affairs.