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Medium Rectangle


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Measuring at 300x250 pixels, the Medium Rectangle ad gains a lot of coverage across KHQ.com and SWXRightNow.com.  It is a standard size used and offered by most ad servers and companies.

The size allows for large logos and images and can contain a lot of information.

With this ad placement, you can expect:

  • Rotation on Category Pages
  • Rotation on Story Pages
  • 50/50 Rotation with National Ads

This ad unit is located in two areas on both story and category pages.  The first placement is in the right hand column above the fold.  The second placement is is on the left hand side closer to the bottom of the page.  Your ad will get equal rotation through both placements.  You do not have to worry about your ad appear more often in one placement over the other.

Below is an actual size of the ad unit.

  • KHQ Sales Tools: Ads by Size

    • spotlight

    • medium rectangle

    • half page

    • leaderboard

    • rectangle

  • KHQ Sales Tools: Ads by Type

    • format

      Static Image

    • format


    • location


    • location

      Director Listing

    • location

      Splash Page

    • location