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Topless PETA models protest fish flinging

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SEATTLE, Wash. - The animal rights group PETA played dead for its cause on the streets of Seattle Saturday.

PETA members dressed as fish drew a crowd when they lay on the ground outside the American Veterinary Medical Association conference.

The reaction from those on the street was almost immediate.

"I don't understand it, at all. It doesn't make any sense," said Dave Freeman.

"I just don't understand why they're here," said Christie Chavez, a veterinarian from Mississippi.

PETA said the goal was to call attention to the AMVA's failure to adopt policies to lessen the suffering of fish and other animals, including those fish thrown by the famous fishmongers at Pike Place Market.

"I'm offended by this, because our entire profession is devoted to alleviating the suffering and pain and improving the lives of animals," said visitor Claire Kelly.

PETA said they chose to protest in this way because a few hours before, some of the guys from the fish market held a demonstration at the conference, where they also threw fish.

The head of the AVMA said the fish market guys weren't invited to the convention because they throw fish.

"What this event was all about is their business model, their way of attracting and retaining good business," said Dr. Ron DeHaven.

The PETA demonstrators laid on the ground outside of the convention center for about an hour, while other members handed out flyers. Many of the vets felt this was not the way to tackle this issue.

Leslie Prince, who works in a veterinary office had this to say about it all, "Every day we keep animals from being in pain. So for them to say we hurt animals is hurtful, I guess."