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As a website for a television station, we put a big emphasis on our video that we offer to viewers.  Clients have two ways they can take advantage of this by running a video commercial on our website.

Video Preroll - A commercial running up to 15 seconds that plays before a video clip on the website plays.  This will appear in our inline video players ( seen in the upper right on selected news and story pages ) and in the pop-up video players in rotation with other prerolls.

As the commercial is running, viewers can click on the video and be directed to your website. 

Video Vignettes - Perhaps you'd like to give your visitors to our site a more in-depth view of your product or business.  A vignette is how you can do just that!

Video vignettes are hosted on a "splash" page which can be either a landing page between a tile ad or preroll and your website, or can serve as your own website should you not have one.
>>Click Here to learn more about Splash Pages.

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