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Schedule for November

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Nov 2nd Mayor Verner   6 - 7am
Nov 6th MS Resources Resources for people who have MS or family members of MS patients.  5 - 7am
Nov 9th Skating Questions Questions about U.S. Figure Skating Championships.  Ticket availability and more. 5 - 7am
Nov 16th Great American Smoke Out Resources to help people to stop smoking. 5 - 7am
Nov 17th Avista Questions about your energy bill, possible rate hikes, rate decreases, ect. 6 - 7am
Nov 19th Airport Questions Questions about holiday travel and when it is the best time to fly. 5 - 7am
Nov 23rd STA Questions about bus routes and fares and planning for buses when it snows.  Any new hybrid vehicle plans? 5 - 7am
Nov 24th Debt Reduction Resources on how to reduce your debt, cut your bills, and get ahead and stay ahead. 5 - 7am

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