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Driver suffers medical emergency, good samaritans guide car to safety

SPOKANE COUNTY, Wash. - The Washington State Patrol is crediting two Spokane County drivers with bringing a dangerous situation to a close after they pulled in front of and behind an erratically driven vehicle on Highway 291 last Monday.

The erratic vehicle was spotted near Nine Mile Falls driving all over the road and crossing the centerline into the path of oncoming traffic.

The two drivers positioned their vehicles to the front and rear of the erratic vehicle and called 911.

While on the phone with 911 operators they attempted to warn traffic with their hazard lights and hopefully get the vehicle to stop.

For nearly 10 miles, they put their safety in jeopardy as the erratic vehicle crossed the centerline multiple times almost causing several collisions.

Troopers en route from Spokane caught up with the vehicle just north of Suncrest and were able to get it stopped safely.

An investigation revealed that the driver was not under the influence but was suffering from medical issues related to her diabetes.

"While we don't recommend putting yourself in harm's way, these two people saw an obvious need to act and that is exactly what they did. Their efforts could have very well saved lives and are more than commendable," said District 4 Commander Captain Jeff Otis.  

Information from: Washington State Patrol