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KHQ.Com Exclusive: Baby Tiger at Cat Tales Gets Puppy as New Playmate!

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SPOKANE, Wash. - Today was a great day at Cat Tales, their baby tiger was introduced to her new playmate, Sage. Sage is a four month old Pyrenees and was delivered to Cat Tales!
Spokane Humane Society Director Dave Richardson has been on the hunt for a playmate for a couple of weeks, MIke at Cat tales received the call yesterday and went over to see Sage, they fell in love with her.
Today's meeting went well. This is truly a great match.  Amura and Sage, in harmony together.
*This web story was filed by Beverley Novin.
Cat Tales History:

Cat Tales Zoological Park was founded in early 1991 by, cofounders, Mike & Debbie Wyche. We were registered with the Secretary of the State of Washington as a non profit charity and Incorporated on July 27, 1991. We have been licensed by the USDA as a "Class C - Exhibitor", the classification given to all major zoos, since August 2, 1991. We were classified as a 501(c)3 with the IRS on December 10, 1991, and granted permanent status in 1996.

The first summer there were four cats and the tours started and ended in the house. Our gift shop was half of the living room with photos on the walls. Our visitors parked in what was the front yard and came through the front door to sign in. The tours started out the front door, included the four cats, and came in the back door where the guest surveys were on the kitchen counter.

We started incorporating a volunteer staff, some of whom are still very much involved. With the help of our previous Senior Staff and Felidae experience, we began training in the basic day to day care of big cats and how to give good informative tours to our visitors.

As word of our facility traveled throughout the U.S., we began to rescue more and more cats (and other non feline animals) from the private sector. Some of them came to be part of the Park's family, some were placed in other centers.

We ended the summer of 1992 with two tigers, five pumas, a serval, two bobcats and two lynx. By Spring 1993 we had three leopards, a clouded leopard, three tigers, four pumas, a serval, two lions, two bobcats, two lynx, two kinkajous, an agouti, and three prairie dogs. (We soon placed the non felines in other homes.)

Our attendance slowly increased and so did our staff. During the 1998-99 school year the Park's Outreach Programs and On site Tours hosted thousands of students K-Adult. The staff averages 20+ members who are either students, instructors, or volunteers.

Currently, as of Spring 2005, we feed an average of 14,000 pounds of food per month to 42 Big Cats, 2 Bears, 3 Parrots, 2 Snakes, 2 Lizards, 1 Raptor, 2 Hamsters, 3 Goats, 1 Rabbit, 2 Ferrets, 4 Dogs, 2 Geese, 5 Ducks, 10 Chickens, and 6 Domestic Cats, plus miscellaneous creatures which occasionally call the Zoo their home. .

Some of these animals are not on exhibit to the general public but provide additional experience for the students enrolled in the zoo school. Most of the non-felid animals arrived as "orphans" and were taken in as part of the zoo's rescue program.

Cat Tales also is the home of the Zoological Training Center which is the only school of this type in North America. Students from all over the world come here to the Park to learn the profession of Zookeeping.

We currently have Zoos waiting to hire future graduates from our program.