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LOOK AT IT: Petite Woman Bags Monster Alligator

YAHOO.COM - Maryellen Mara-Christian last week caught and killed what some might perceive to be a genuine monster: an American alligator measuring more than 13 feet and weighing more than 1,000 pounds.

Now, it seems, the hunter has become the hunted.

Her story, which played out over two chaotic hours on Lake Moultrie in South Carolina, made national headlines and morning and evening news shows. They found it remarkable that a woman who stands just 5 feet 5 and weighs only 120 pounds could wrangle such a mammoth beast.

Afterward, however, some people became outraged by the methods used to dispatch the great reptile: baited fishing lines, followed by harpoons, a muzzle snare, shots from a .22-caliber weapon and, ultimately, a knife jab to the spinal cord.

"This woman should be in jail, not on TV," was among the tamer comments posted beneath a story on Carolinalive.com.

"They tortured that alligator for hours. That's just plain sick," a Bostonherald.com reader chimed in.