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KHQ IDITAROD BLOG: Night 2 On The Trail

KHQ Blog From Jordan Caskey: Well, once again, the Iditarod race is off to a hectic start. In the first full day of racing, there was multiple crashes in the notorious "steps" section of the trail tucked in the Alaskan Range. 

I'm currently in the Rainy Pass checkpoint tucked in between the range.  As far as the race goes, 4 time champ Lance Mackey was the first into the checkpoint this morning but not the first to leave, but by the looks of it, his team might be the strongest on the trail. 

He's full of charisma and staying positive, which is a huge improvement by this time last year, and he still won.  He is out to prove himself again, and looking to tie Rick Swenson for most wins all time with 5. 

By the way, this would be 5 in a row, which has never been done in the history of the race.  If you've never followed "The Last Great Race", now is the time.  History could be in the making... Again! This is an event like no other. 

All the checkers, all the veterinarians, all the communication staff, all the pilots, and all the race judges and helpers are volunteers. 

I've met people from all around the world.  All different ages and personalities, and all have become close friends. 

There's no sleep, no real restrooms, and most of the time, no running water, but the spirit of this race leaves me with something I will cherish for all my life. 

I'm a football & basketball guy, but now I'm addicted to this thing.  Hope to talk to you all soon when I move further up the trail into the native villages.

- Jordan Caskey