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ALERT: Vehicle Prowlings On The Rise...Don't Become A Victim

SPOKANE COUNTY, Wash. -  A lot of folks are taking advantage of warmer days and temperatures to run, bike or stroll on the Centennial Trail, and the crooks that prey upon the unwary are becoming active as well.

Crime Check has begun seeing an increase in vehicle break-in reports where the owner parked their car or truck at a trailhead, only to return to broken glass on the pavement and missing valuables. Thieves more often than not are lazy, not stupid. 

They know that if they see someone park and ride, run or walk away, they have ample time to break into the vehicle to steal anything than can be pawned.

Savvy drivers leave such valuables at home, or at least lock them away inside the trunk of the car where it is much more difficult to break in unobserved.

A little common sense (and sunscreen) can keep Centennial Trail users from getting burned.