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Mystery Deepens Around Lotto Winners

HUFFINGTONPOST.COM - The already storied tale of three Connecticut money managers who claimed a $254 million Powerball jackpot may have just taken a shocking turn.

The Daily Mail says they have learned that Tim Davidson, Brandon Lacoff and Greg Skidmore, may not have been the actual winners, and may just be managing the money for the real winner.

Questions arose following the trio's news conference yesterday in which a spokesperson refused to give details of how the three men knew each other beyond their work experience.

Good Morning America also raised questions about the story that Davidson bought the $1 quick pick ticket, then decided to share the jackpot with his three friends.

Tom Gladstone, a family friend of Lacoff, came forward with the allegation to the Daily Mail.

Gladstone, a real estate agent who rents office space to Lacoff for his investment company Belpointe LLC, is now claiming that the three men are covering for the real anonymous winner, a client of theirs who is attempting to stay out of the spotlight. In his interview with the Daily Mail Gladstone also claims that the money likely won't be going to charity, as their spokesperson initially stated.

This situation -- which may or may not be legal -- might help to explain why it took so long for the winners to come forward following the Nov. 2 drawing.

The win is also the third prize over $1 million to be claimed by Greenwich residents in the past six months, according to The News Times.

Neither the three men attempting to claim the prize nor the Connecticut Lottery have yet to comment on the allegations.

The winning combination was 12-14-34-39-46 with a Powerball of 36.