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Terrible Miley Rumor Spreading

AOL.COM - Miley Cyrus' love/hate relationship with Twitter is airing on the side of "hate" today after rumors swept across the Twitter-verse today [Dec. 7] that the 19-year-old star had suffered a heart attack. The false accusation sparked such alarm amongst Cyrus' fans, that the trending topic #PrayForMiley popped up on the site.

While it's true that Miley does suffer from a heart condition, she's alive and well ... at least according to her bestie, and biggest defender, Kelly Osbourne. "You Miley fans need to stop this," Kelly posted on her own Twitter page. "You're being ridiculous, she has not had a heart attack! Please stop being so aggressive! Stop it please! This is ridiculous.... She is a beautiful healthy 19 year old girl, how could she possibly have a heart attack?"

Following this latest fake health scare rumor, Miley joins the ranks of other music superstars who've been falsely pegged as dead or sick on Twitter. Justin Bieber has been killed off numerous times on the social media site while David Guetta was recently offed (via Twitter) in a car crash!