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Classic Christmas Story Gets Makeover

HUFFINGTONPOST.COM - At some point in its history, Charles Dickens' 'A Christmas Carol' stopped being just a book and became a Christmas experience, a force of its own, bridging 1843 London to a 2011 Christmas morning through, not just its words, but its spirit.

How does one convey the feeling of the past in the language of the present? This was the challenge Jesse Kornbluth and Paige Peterson took on when revamping the Christmas classic 'A Christmas Carol' to bring children suspense, heartbreak and joy instead of... well, boredom.

'A Christmas Carol' tells the tale of miserable miser Ebenezer Scrooge who hates Christmas. Scrooge undergoes a transformation, however, when he is visited by three ghosts who guide Scrooge through his past, present and shadows of a possible future to illuminate the pain and suffering Scrooge has perpetuated. In the end Scrooge grows to embody the spirit of Christmas, but before that, the story is downright petrifying. click here to read more