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Spokane Police: Man Wielding Knives Safely Subdued by Officers

SPOKANE POLICE PRESS RELEASE: Just before 6:00pm on Thursday several calls came into 911 about a male brandishing a knife and threatening people at an apartment complex in the 2300 block of E. Euclid. The male was later identified as 53-year-old Scott E. Leiper. 

Leiper was involved a domestic violence assault with his wife just prior to the calls coming in. When officers arrived on scene, Leiper had two large kitchen knives in his hands. He attempted to kick in a door to an apartment and refused to obey the commands of the officers. 

There were dozens of people outside at the apartment complex. It was later determined the apartment door he was kicking was occupied by the victim of the domestic violence. Leiper created an extreme danger to everyone in the area. Officers deployed a shotgun with less lethal bean bag rounds in it. Leiper was given multiple opportunities to comply with officer commands to put the knives down.

Officers fired bean bags at Leiper hitting him several times. At the same time, a female neighbor ran towards Leiper putting herself in imminent danger. Officers were forced to rush Leiper to protect her. Leiper dropped the knives and no one was seriously injured.

Leiper was booked for city assault domestic violence after he was treated for injuries from the bean bag rounds.

The female neighbor was identified as 44-year-old Amanda F. Dougherty. Dougherty had been ordered multiple times to stay out of the area by officers before she ran towards Leiper. She was arrested for Obstructing and booked into jail as well. 

During intense situations like these it is extremely important bystanders pay attention to where officers are directing them. These officers used their extensive training and the tools available to them to end this situation safely.