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Spokane Police: Carjacking Suspect Caught In 16 Minutes

SPOKANE, Wash. - Spokane Police responded to the victim of a carjacking in the Northern Lights Brewery parking lot in the area of Hamilton and Trent at 9:48 pm on Friday. The victim stated a male approached her and racked a pistol grip shotgun at her and demanded her keys. The victim pled with the suspect to get her 10-day-old baby out of the back seat. She was allowed to get the baby out and the suspect took off in her car.  

Ofc. D. Storch located the vehicle at 9:52 pm in the area of Broadway and Havana. The suspect lost the officer in that area, but the vehicle was located quickly in the Fed Ex lot at Broadway and Havana unoccupied. 

Ofc. D. Lesser found the car empty and WSP Trooper Spencer saw the suspect running through the Fed Ex lot between the trailers. The area was quickly contained by SPD. The suspect ran into the Fed Ex building which was still occupied by Fed Ex employees. 

Ofc. S. Kendall and K-9 Stryder arrived on scene. At 10:04 pm they located the suspect hiding in a trailer by an open loading dock. The suspect was taking into custody without incident. Ofc. S. Kendall and K-9 Stryder went to the vehicle and did an item search starting at the car.

They located a coat, and a pistol grip shotgun about 100 yards away next to a trailer in the lot. The pistol grip shotgun matched the description of a gun that was taken in a burglary that was reported in the county Friday morning. It is unknown at this time if it is the same gun, follow-up will be done by the county.

The suspect, Dustin M. Lange, was transported to Spokane County Jail and charged with 1st degree assault, 1st degree robbery, 2nd degree burglary and possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver.