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Cop: Man Escapes From Trunk After Being Shot

MSNBC.COM - A Chicago man who was shot in the chest and stuffed into the trunk of his car managed to escape while his captors continued driving, thinking he was still inside, police said.

The motorist was carjacked at gunpoint on Chicago's West Side on Monday evening, police said, according to a report in The Chicago Tribune. He was shot at least three times in the chest, according to officers.

At that point, the attackers, reportedly four men in ski masks, dumped the man in the trunk of his car, a 2000 Nissan sedan. They drove through at least two neighborhoods with him inside; the victim, who was not identified by The Tribune, then managed to get out of the trunk. His kidnappers kept driving, apparently unaware of his escape, police said, according to The Tribune.

The victim was taken to the hospital in critical condition, reported the paper. He was able to speak to police despite the severity of his injuries.

Police later found the victim's car on fire in a garage, but did not find the carjackers, said the paper. The car appeared to have been torched.