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Spokane Daycare Not Up To Fire Code

SPOKANE, Wash. - A local daycare may have one last chance to re-open after the state shut it down for safety violations.

 State inspectors closed the Martin Luther King Jr. Family Outreach Center day care, saying it did not meet state fire code regulations.

     That left more than two-dozen children without a place to stay, forcing their families to find new day care arrangements.

State fire marshals inspected this day care Wednesday and say it passed the fire inspection.

     The department of early learning can re-open the day care's license for now.

     The problem is, state regulators say, Martin Luther King Jr. Community Outreach Center does not have a sprinkler system, which means the daycare technically does not meet state code.

     So why did they pass the inspection?

     State regulators say they are willing to make a temporary accommodation to allow the daycare to open under two conditions: the first condition is that the daycare must have what's called a "fire watch," someone who walks the grounds every 15-30 minutes checking for fires or fire hazards.

     The second condition is that the daycare must send out letters to parents saying their children are going to a daycare that does not meet fire code.

     The state fire marshal says they will allow this for two months, until the end of February, at which point, the daycare has to install a sprinkler system, or come up with another solution.

     In the meantime, a fire suppression system is not cheap.

     To install one here, the director says it will cost around $50,000.