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Herman Cain Launches A 'Revolution'

HUFFINGTONPOST.COM - Herman Cain appeared on Fox News Wednesday night to make what was billed as a "very big announcement" on Sean Hannity's show.

But the hype far outran the actual event. The former Republican hopeful and pizza chain CEO did not endorse a current GOP candidate, as some had predicted he might. Nor did Cain announce he was getting back into the 2012 race, as Hannity teased.

Instead, Cain announced the launch--or continuation--of his 999 economic plan with another catchy tagline: "Cain's Solutions Revolution."

"The biggest comment when I ended my candidacy was, 'Keep 999 alive,' " Cain said. "And that's what this is about. The first solution we're going to promote actively is '999: The Revolution.' "

Cain continued: "The thing that didn't happen in Iowa--and it generally doesn't happen at a lot of the debates--is not enough is discussed about solutions, how you will fix things."

Cain also unveiled a new website for the endeavor with a name, CainConnections.com, that sounds vaguely like a personals site--perhaps not the most market-savvy move for a candidate who left the race with allegations about sexual harassment and an extramarital affair swirling around his head.

Cain said his goal is to get commitments from members of Congress to support his 999 plan before the 2012 election. click here to read more