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Keeping Vigil: Inside The Mind Of A Criminal

SPOKANE, Wash. – What attracts a burglar to your home?  Joe Rungo, a reformed convict, takes KHQ's Stephanie Vigil around several Spokane neighborhoods to point out what attracts a burglar, and how to avoid being a victim. 

First stop: a neighborhood in the Rockwood area.

"The typical lazy burglar lives in the neighborhood they are stealing from. But like if somebody wanted to be a real burglar and wanted to be successful at it they're going to come here to places like this," Rungo said. 

Stephanie and Joe were only driving for a few minutes when he spotted some homes full of opportunities for thieves. 

"People think that because they're in a nicer area they're not going to be messed with, but it's not true. And see that garage door was wide open too," Rungo said.

It's not just your home burglars target either. Stephanie and Joe took a walk outside a popular gym.

"This gym here, if you were to go up here in this parking lot, cause people go in to workout all time, there's purses, duffel bags,'s a car with stuff in it like all the CD's," Rungo said.

There are ways to avoid being a target, whether it's your car or your home.

"This person is doing the right thing. A couple water bottles, doors are locked up. You see that ADT thing there. that's the alarm. You want stuff like that," Rungo said.

Other tips that Rungo suggested: keep your house well lit, keep your garage doors closed and your front door locked.  Get a dog, most burglars won't take the risk if they hear a barking dog.