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KHQ Partners With Syncbak To Launch Mobile TV Channels

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SPOKANE, Wash. -

For sixty years, KHQ-TV has pioneered local television in the Inland Northwest. Today, KHQ Incorporated is proud to announce another bold step forward. Spokane's first television station is now the first mobile broadcast channel in America. Thanks to a remarkable new technology, the over-the-air signal for KHQ and SWX-TV will be delivered to wireless devices throughout our region.

A company called Syncbak has included KHQ and SWX in a trial release of their mobile TV platform. Simply visit and click on the link that will take you to a page where you can select either the iTunes Store or Android market (Google Play) and download the Syncbak app. From there, you can click on the KHQ or SWX logos to watch news, weather and sports programming—anytime, anywhere, "right now."

Eventually, Syncbak's live TV mobile app will be offered everywhere in the United States. But for now, the Inland Northwest is the first mobile region in the country.

"This is especially huge for SWX!" remarked Patricia McRae, President and General Manager of KHQ, Incorporated. "All of our exclusive programming can be watched from a smart phone or tablet. Satellite customers can watch their favorite Shock and Chiefs games, not to mention their favorite high school and college teams."

SWX programming will initially be available on KHQ's Syncbak channel during certain dayparts. From there, the sky is literally the limit.

"KHQ Incorporated wants to deliver content the way the viewer wants," added McRae. "As the mobile revolution marches forward, we continue to be on the leading edge."

Individual data rates apply. Check your mobile plan for details.


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