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Dave's Bike Blog for Team KHQ

Ok, this is the first time trying the blog.  The picture is from my ride today along Lake Coeur d'Alene. It was rather windy out today. I went out around 11 o'clock and rode out to Higgins Point. It's a beautiful ride along the lake. I rode 28 miles. Felt pretty good. A little headwind and tailwind along the lake. Not a lot of people out riding but there was a few. I try to always ride happy so if I'm out riding and I wave, wave back! I don't like grumpy riders!

Alex, Katie and I are working with Heath Wiltse of  Peak Health and Wellness in Post Falls. http://thepeakid.com/  Heath knows a lot about triathlon training. He's completed 9 Ironman triathlons and recently won the Coeur d'Alene Marathon with a PR time of 2:45! Heath is working with my form on the bike and giving me some tips on improving my pedal stroke which is great because I've never concentrated much on that. I bike raced throughout the 90's with a team from Port Angeles. I never focused much on the pedal stroke to tell you the truth. I've mainly just gotten on the bike and rode. I've had some tips in the past, but I never put them into use for more that a ride or two. So this time I'm actually going to try to put what Heath tell us into use and see what happens. I'm looking forward to the Triathlonhttp://troikatriathlon.com/  on August 5 and most importantly supporting the Special Olympics! http://www.specialolympicswashington.org/.  My training will be a mix of indoor rides and outdoor rides. During the work week I will mostly ride inside for about an hour. I put my bike on a stationary "trainer" and watch TV or play Words With Friends to pass the time. Heath has some specific training exercises for me and so I'll have to put down the smart phone and do some work! Should be fun. As for the outdoor rides the weather is nice out despite a little rain. I'll mainly be riding in the CDA area and maybe I'll check out the Troika course as it gets closer.