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Training blog #3

Never mind the messy garage. I'm rode inside this morning for an hour. Just a relatively easy spin but I sweated a lot. While I ride I either watch old Ironman videos or music concerts on VHS. I recommend "Hype" the documentary on the rise of the "grunge rock" scene in the Northwest. On a different note, you probably already know this, but MTV is obnoxious! I saw an ad for "The Real World" and a girl on the show said something like "I'm going to p** this Island's ch****!" You can figure out what she says.  First of all, I don't think that's possible, and second of all... Ah forget it. I feel old when I'm objecting to MTV and some of the new music on the radio. Now that I'm a dad I'm more aware of what the TV, radio, magazines, etc are putting out there and some of it I don't like, darn it! Stay away from my daughter! Have a good day.