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Bag Balm!

Ah, Bag Balm! How many people know about it? It's been around since 1899. Made in Vermont, it was originally made to soften cow udders. Now it's used for everything from diaper rash, chapped lips and yes, cyclist's bums. I've used it for years. Racing and training for hundreds of miles in the raining Pacific Northwest you're subjected to lots of road grime and that helps create chafing, from the constant contact with the bike seat. We did lots of rides and races in the rain and we got lots and lots of chafing. After a shower, or even before I ride, I'd put a generous amount of Bag Balm on and faster than you can say "Fernando Alonso" I as off for a 5-6 hour ride no problem. I sound like a salesman, but it really worked well.

Anyhow, if you want to know, the training went well the last few days. Rode inside and went a good moderate pace for an hour. Watched a video called "The Police: Outlandous to Synchronicities" A great high energy video to watch whilst riding.