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DETROIT 2012: U-22 blows over in scary Unlimited Hydroplane racing accident (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Detroit, MICH - It was a scary situation at the Gold Cup races.  Three Unlimited Hydroplanes, all within a few feet of each other, were heading into a turn.  The middle boat, the U-22, flew up in the air and blew over landing on its bottom.

 Greg Hopp in the U-100, Mark Evans in the U-57, and Mike Webster in the U-22 were all within a few boat lengths of each other in Heat 1C at the Detroit Gold Cup Unlimited Hydroplane race, heading into turn two on the first lap.  Webster was running hard, right in between the other two when he went up and over. 
Rescue crews were on scene immediately and Webster made it out of the boat.  He got back to shore.   "I'm doing fine," he said.  "I'm a little sore. Disappointed in the outcome. Unfortunately for me, hit a roller and right sponson went up."

Mark Evans was right alongside and watched the flip from the cockpit.  "He got in here, a typical roostertail turn and I just steered right to get away from him," Evans told the Detroit News.  "He's going to be OK. I shook his hand and he looked me in the eye. He's shook up."

PHOTO AT RIGHT: View of the
flip from the tail camera on the U-57.  PHOTO:  H1 Unlimited