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Laura Murray

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I am very pleased and excited to have the opportunity to start my career as a reporter for NBC Right Now in Yakima!  I am a recent graduate of Ithaca College where I majored in Journalism and minored in Politics.  I chose to attend Ithaca because they have a great Broadcast Journalism program.  I was able to get involved with the school's television station as a freshman.  I worked my way up the totem pole, starting out as an assistant producer, and eventually becoming a reporter and anchor.
I loved every minute of it, and my experiences solidified my love and passion for the broadcast industry.
I grew up in Pennsylvania, but I am quickly falling in love with the state of Washington!  It's very beautiful here.  One of my favorite activities is hiking, and Washington definitely has some of the best trails around.
One of the many attributes I love about this job is getting the chance to meet new people.  I thoroughly enjoy hearing everyone's stories!  I get to learn something new everyday, and I can't say that I will ever be bored with this job.  It keeps me on my toes, which is a good thing!  If you have a story idea, feel free to send me an email at