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Rich Cowan (D) - Candidate for US House of Representatives - Dist. 5

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Rich Cowan (D) - Candidate for US House of Representatives Rich Cowan (D) - Candidate for US House of Representatives

Political Party: Democratic

Education: Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science degrees from WSU

Family: 2 children, Kristin and Casey

Religion: Lutheran

Place and Date of Birth: Spokane, Feb. 7, 1956


Background: 22 years as CEO of the film and video production company North by Northwest, former fire fighter and EMT, KHQ-TV Community Affairs Director



Change for our Washington:

This is a "change" election that will set our course for the next 50 years. Will we choose to create jobs by investing in infrastructure and education? Will we preserve Social Security and Medicare and keep the promises we made to seniors, protecting their contributions when they need it most? Will we honor our daughters', wives' and mothers' rights as women in our country?

Or will we continue the partisan bickering that lets entrenched incumbents, like my opponent Cathy McMorris Rodgers, push our problems down the road?



I am the former CEO of North by Northwest Productions, which brought a new kind of business to Spokane along with hundreds of family wage jobs. On my first day in Congress I will know exactly what small businesses need to succeed in Eastern Washington and across the country.  My top priority is creating jobs and taking care of Eastern Washington, not the "other Washington." My opponent has had eight years on the job and has only passed two of her bills.


Protecting Medicare:

McMorris Rodgers voted for the Republican Ryan budget plan, which ends Medicare as we know it. It eliminates benefits and forces seniors to pay $6,400 more per year.  I want to preserve Medicare and Social Security and keep risky Republican privatization schemes from ruining these programs for everyone.


Womens' Rights:

I am a proud father and I cannot imagine doing anything to hurt or hold back either of my children.  As a Congressman, that would not change. My daughter should have the same rights as my son. My opponent wants to eliminate protections for the women in our lives, by slashing funding for women's health care and refusing to establish fair pay practices. 


Veterans and Military:

Finally, we need to protect Fairchild Air Force base in our region. It supports jobs in the district and is a home base for the many veterans who retire to Eastern Washington. We need to make sure that every soldier is honored for his or her service by ensuring that they are supported after they come home.