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Mike Padden (R) - Candidate for WA State Senate - Dist. 4

Mike Padden (R) is running for WA State Senate, Dist. 4 Mike Padden (R) is running for WA State Senate, Dist. 4

Political Party: Republican

Education: Graduate of Gonzaga University and Gonzaga School of Law

Spouse: Laura Derr Padden

Religion: Catholic

Date of Birth: November 13,1946

Background: City Attorney for Deer Park (1977-1980) member of the State House of Representatives from 1981-1995, Spokane County District Court Judge 1995-2007 (twice elected by fellow Judges to be Presiding Judge) I have been active in the community as a volunteer substitute driver for meals on wheels, American Legion Baseball Tournament Director and past Legion Baseball Commissioner, and active in my church as a past member of the parish council.


Please describe your top 5 priorities if elected to serve as the State Senate, district four:

1. Jobs- The private sector, especially small business is the engine that creates new jobs. We need to eliminate and reduce oppressive government regulations to help create a business climate that allows companies to make a profit and grow their work force.

2. Education- Education needs to be a priority in the budget and funded first. We need to continue to look to ways to improve the quality of education and get the dollars into the classroom. The administrative side can be streamlined.

3. Taxes- I oppose the implementation of a state income tax and would support reducing and eventually eliminating the Band 0 tax. We need to reduce the heavy tax burden on our families and small businesses in order to promote prosperity and opportunity for our citizens.

4. Budget- Other than the current two year budget, our state budgets have grown by double digit figures over the last decade. We need to limit state budget growth to no more than the combination of inflation and population growth. Government waste and abuse need be aggressively weeded out.

5. Life- Life is a precious gift. Innocent human life needs protection. The baby's heart begins beating 18 days after conception. I sponsored legislation which became law that a baby born during an abortion should receive the same medical treatment as a premature baby of the same age.