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Jeff Holy (R) - Candidate for WA State House - Dist. 6, Pos. 2

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Jeff Holy is running for WA State House of Representatives, Dist. 6, Pos. 2 Jeff Holy is running for WA State House of Representatives, Dist. 6, Pos. 2

Political Party: Republican

Education: Washington State University B.S. Psychology
Washington State Criminal Justice Academy
Gonzaga Law School; Juris Doctor

Spouse: Cindy

Religion: Catholic

Date of Birth: Oct 25, 1955

Background: U.S. Army veteran

Spokane Police Department Detective (retired 2006)

Attorney at Law

WA State LEOFF 2 Retirement System Board Member


Please describe your top 5 priorities if elected to serve as the State Representative, Position Two, for District Six:

Priorities are driven by a sense of vision. My vision is to make the greater Spokane region a place where people want to be because opportunity exists.

Accomplishing a vision requires a mission statement. My mission is to make the Inland Empire the type of preferred business environment that does not have to worry about Idaho, Oregon, or any other competitor, because business will want to locate here.

The question then becomes what are my top five priorities in completion of this mission, while providing best return on investment for our tax dollars?

1. Public safety:

Public safety is usually viewed as a foundation providing structure, order and emergency services in a community. However, public safety is also a prime economic driver. A community with a reputation for being safe becomes attractive to business, which is then willing to site in such a location. A community that actually is safe will keep existing businesses in the community, while providing that sense of security making such a desirable place for business owners and employees to live.

2. Scrutiny of existing tax and regulatory structure:

To attract business, a favorable tax and regulatory structure is necessary. Moving the Business and Occupation tax away from gross receipts and toward gross profits is a start. Examination of all options to reduce the cost to business of unemployment insurance and worker's compensation costs is needed. Review of those existing regulatory requirements for business will help to determine those that are truly necessary verses those that are obstructive. Business growth increases revenues to the state without raising taxes.


3. Ensure quality K-12 Education

A quality education system is also an unsung economic driver. Most all families, including business owners and employees, view the quality of K-12 education as a factor in deciding if a community holds those attributes that would make them want to live there. Proper funding of primary education is a state constitutional requirement, however it is also necessary to ensure that such funding makes it to the classroom where it can truly have an effect on student outcome. Results and graduation rates determine a school's reputation. Reputation attracts enrollment. Enrollment is driven by growth.

4. Invest in Higher Education

Providing a nationally competitive higher education system is yet another economic driver. Providing skill sets and programs essential to establish a highly educated workforce will attract business and industry with need for such expertise. The existence of University based research facilities is a factor in choice of business location. Unfortunately, college tuition at state schools has soared in recent years. What previously was funded at 80% by the state and expensed at 20% to the student has effectively been reversed. Higher education needs to be reprioritized.

5. Completion of the North - South Freeway

It is not often that a transportation project has the potential to be such a significant economic driver, yet that is exactly what completion of the North – South Freeway provides. Developing a new corridor not only opens up previously unavailable markets, agriculture and shipping routes, it also provides opportunity for establishment of those businesses serving freeway access points or needing freeway access.