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Dennis Dellwo (D) - Candidate for WA State House - Dist. 6, Pos. 2

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Dennis Dellwo is running for WA State House of Representatives, Dist. 6, Pos. 2 Dennis Dellwo is running for WA State House of Representatives, Dist. 6, Pos. 2

Political Party: Democrat

Education: Law School, Graduated with a JD

Spouse: Lynnette Vehrs

Religion: Catholic

Date of Birth: August 31, 1945



Attorney Dennis Dellwo has a long and successful career in law and community service. A current Plan Commissioner for the City of Spokane, Dellwo served on the Eastern Washington Growth Management Hearings Board for 12 years. He was elected 7 times to the State Legislature from 1983 to 1996, ascending to several Leadership positions and chairmanships. Dellwo has also been a practicing attorney since the 1970's. In addition to his broad court and legislative experience, Dellwo has worked as an adjunct professor for Gonzaga's Law School and undergrad.

From 1983 through 1996, Spokane elected Dennis Dellwo to represent the Third Legislative District in the Washington State Legislature. Among his accomplishments, he chaired both the Health Care and the Banking/Insurance Committees. He served on the powerful Ways and Means Committee and was a ranking member of the Law and Justice Committee. Dellwo prided himself on bringing an understanding of the letter and spirit of the law, tightening loopholes and making the laws fairer for all.

Upon graduating from Gonzaga University and Arizona State University Law School in the 1970s with a Juris Doctor and the completion of his military service, Dellwo helped establish and head the Colville Confederated Tribes' Public Defender/Legal Services office on the reservation. As the director and sole attorney, Dennis handled a wide range of legal matters, numerous criminal trials and a variety of civil cases. Dellwo served in this position for two years, living at the reservation's tribal headquarters.

Dennis then joined the Spokane law firm of Dellwo, Rudolf and Schroeder and later the firm of Dyreson, Ledlin and Dellwo where he continued his criminal and civil practice. For a while Dellwo also served as a part-time prosecutor. Dellwo has also been trained in Mediation and other Alternate Dispute Resolution methods from the National Judicial College in Reno, Nevada. During his service in the Legislature, he became a member and later a partner in the local law firm of Winston and Cashatt.

TEACHING EXPERIENCE: Dellwo served as a faculty member of Gonzaga University School of Law, as an adjunct professor. He also taught Gonzaga undergraduate students in State and Local Government.


Please describe your top 5 priorities if elected to serve as the State Representative, Position Two, for District Six:

The first priority is to get Washington State back to work. There is nothing more critical for Spokane than the creation of new jobs. We need to make long-term investments to increase technical and scientific training for workers so that modern manufacturing jobs stay in and return to Washington. At the same time, if we want to attract innovative companies that offer living-wage jobs, we must have a highly skilled, well-educated workforce.

The second priority is to fully fund basic education as is required by our Constitution. Education is paramount for the success of our State. That means sound investments in education now to guarantee a vibrant future for our community.

The third priority is to implement the Federal Health Care Reform in such a way that it better fits Washington State.

The fourth priority is to improve access to higher education. We need to lower tuition and provide education designed to train our students for the jobs that are available. I will sponsor or co-sponsor legislation that aligns college and secondary school curriculums, so that high school graduates are ready to take on a post-secondary education. We need to plan education for the jobs that are or will be available to the students when they graduate.

The fifth priority is to invest in rebuilding our state's infrastructure so that Washington will attract new businesses and visitors and grow our clean energy sector.