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Robert Wilson (R) - Candidate for WA State House - Dist. 7, Pos. 2

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Robert Wilson (R) is running for WA State House of Representatives - Dist. 7, Pos. 2 Robert Wilson (R) is running for WA State House of Representatives - Dist. 7, Pos. 2

Political Party: Republican*

Education: Bachelor of Science, Washington State University, 1983

Spouse: N/A


Date of Birth: July 05

Background: I grew up on a small farm in the Yakima Valley and have only lived out of the state for about 12 years with the Border Patrol. After graduation from WSU I was a seasonal park ranger with the Washington State Parks and then joined the U.S. Border Patrol where I spent 25 years including 12+ in Texas, 6 in the Tri Cities and 6 in Pend Oreille County. I retired from the Border Patrol at the end of 2009 and since then I have become a licensed Real Estate Broker which I dabbled in for a year; I have written dozens of articles about Immigration for the and Yahoo and am working on a couple of novels.

I believe with my combination of education and work experience, I will have a well rounded background to bring to Olympia.

I have never held an elected office and only do this because I believe that I can make a difference in the lives of our residents.

* Although I am a Republican, I will not go straight down the Republican path. I'm proud to say that my campaign manager and a couple of other assistants are all democrats yet they still believe in me.


Please describe your top 5 priorities if elected to serve as the State Representative, Position Two, for District Seven:

1. First of all, I believe that spending is out of control in the state of Washington and I will attempt to put a hiatus on all new projects until we get out of this budget crisis along with no increases in programs budgets over the next couple of years. Most programs can be locked in at their current budget or even cut if need be.

2. I will fight vehemently against any new taxes as our residents are having a heck of a time making ends meet now in their budgets. I believe we can cut spending in many ways to balance the budget.

On a separate issue I believe that the Discover Pass is having a negative impact on our citizens' desire and ability to use areas such as boat launches etc. I believe the Discover Pass is fine for unlimited use of State Parks but the other areas it includes should be removed as one of the biggest complaints I hear is about people buying a hunting/fishing license and then having to buy another "permit" on top of those just to park.

3. I will investigate and sponsor a bill to limit state aid to subjects that are here illegally. In fact, currently the Department of Licensing allows illegal aliens to obtain driver's licenses EVEN without proper identification! I will fight to end the issuance of driver's licenses to subjects that are here illegally.

4. Schools are the largest chunk of our state's budget. I believe that some districts are top heavy with pay to administrators. For example, the Spokane Sheriff makes just over $116,000 while the Superintendent of Spokane Schools makes $248,000 and seven other employees of that district have base salaries of more than the sheriff of Spokane County. With schools hurting for funds, I cannot see the continuance of such exorbitant salaries.

5. Two Spokane County Deputies were recently shot in Spokane by an assailant who had numerous felony arrests on his record. I can see no reason why a subject with several felony convictions should be out on the street. I will sponsor a bill providing for mandatory sentences for offenders with multiple felony convictions. What happened to the ‘three strikes and your out' law?