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Tim Benn (R) - Candidate for WA State House - Dist. 3, Pos. 1

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Tim Benn (R) is running for WA State House of Representatives - Dist. 3, Pos. 1 Tim Benn (R) is running for WA State House of Representatives - Dist. 3, Pos. 1

Political Party: GOP

Education: Attended Rogers High School, 3 Business Degrees from Spokane Falls Community College, and a CDA Child Development Associates.

Spouse: Shannon

Religion: Christian

Date of Birth: February 4th


I was born and raised in Spokane and I am raising a family of my own now. I enjoyed a wide range of involvement in local jobs and commerce and then discovered my passion for entrepreneurial endeavors. I have been a business owner in the 3rd District for 12 years. I have led a statewide effort to advocate for small businesses and families for the last two years. For the other issues and more information about my campaign or myself visit my website.

Please describe your top 5 priorities if elected to serve as the state representative for district three:

2/3rd Majority vote requirement on raising taxes – Washington's citizens have supported the 2/3rds requirement for almost 20 years. It has come under attack from people suing to have it ruled as unconstitutional. The voters want it and so I want to work towards making it part of the State Constitution, to ensure that the voters' decision will be upheld.

Grow and protect jobs – Washington needs to work towards becoming a more business friendly environment. This can be done by privatizing and reforming L&I, opening up the state borders for health care plans, reforming the B&O tax, and many other ways. We need to make it easier for businesses to start and move to Washington rather than driving them to other states.

Reduce onerous and unnecessary regulations – Many companies are struggling or closing under the weight of burdensome regulations. There is a need for some regulations but Washington's agencies have far exceeded the level necessary to protect and help its citizens.

Assure quality education – Washington needs to provide high quality education by offering various educational options, so that parents will have a choice for their children. Schools need localized control. The methods that work in Seattle are not the same as what works in Spokane. We need to empower teachers, parents and the community to be able to decide what extra materials the children in their area should learn.

Protect Spokane's vulnerable populations – Spokane needs to protect its vulnerable populations, like seniors and veterans. One of the ways to do this is prevent Washington from raiding the funds previously set aside for VA benefits and Social Security for the elderly. If you ignore the needs of the vulnerable in a community, society cannot function successfully.