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Marcus Riccelli (D) - Candidate for WA State House - Dist. 3, Pos. 1

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Marcus Riccelli (D) is running for WA State House - Dist. 3, Pos. 1 Marcus Riccelli (D) is running for WA State House - Dist. 3, Pos. 1

Political Party: Democratic


University Of Washington, Daniel J. Evans School of Public Affairs, Master of Public Administration (2007), Emphasis on Urban & Regional Affairs

Gonzaga University, Bachelor of Business Administration (2000), Concentrations in Finance and Marketing

Mead High School (1996)

Spouse: Amanda Riccelli

Religion: Catholic

Date of Birth: 6/7/1978



I was raised on Spokane's north side in a middle class home, graduating from Mead High School and Gonzaga University—I truly understand the challenges, priorities, and passions of the people of Spokane. During the last decade I served as Senior Policy Advisor to State Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown and served as Eastern Washington Director for U.S. Sen. Maria Cantwell working at the federal and state levels to make a difference for Spokane families and businesses.

My work with Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown as her Senior Policy Advisor and as U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell's Eastern Washington Director prepared me to be a strong voice for local businesses, schools and citizens, as well as a champion for our quality of life. I have worked alongside and developed strong relationships with regional leaders while advocating for expanding our aerospace industry, investing in the Riverpoint Campus, and developing a 4 year medical school. I have experience navigating Olympia to protect uniquely Spokane programs like Crosswalk, the Guild School and Sally's House. As your Representative, I'll ensure our community's core values – family wage jobs, great neighborhood schools, thriving small businesses, and support for our families – are represented strongly in Olympia.


Please describe your top 5 priorities if elected to serve as the state representative for district three:

1. Create jobs. The 3rd District is one of the most economically challenged districts in the state. Creating jobs is the solution and we can do that by investing in infrastructure through the Transportation and Capital Budgets, supporting emerging industries like aerospace and other technologies to attract new manufacturing jobs to our region, and expanding our health care sector.

2. Fully fund K-12 education. As son of an elementary school teacher, husband of a high school counselor and father of a two year old who I want to have a strong public education, I will work to fully fund K-12 education. The Mcleary Decision stated what many in Washington have known for a long time--in order to enhance education and produce better results for students, we must invest more revenue into our public education system. With a required 2/3 majority to put on the table revenue options, we have to find new and innovative ways to find the revenue necessary to support our public education system. Aggressively pursuing the closure of some of our more egregious tax loopholes is one way and I will fight to continue to uncover and use new and innovative ways to fund our education imperative and other top priorities.

3. Protect our social safety net for our most vulnerable. These are tough times and I will never turn away from the needs of our kids, seniors, crime victims and are neighbors who have fallen on hard times. As Sen. Brown's Senior Policy Advisor, I have a proven track record of delivering in this area: I worked to protect funding for Crosswalk, which helps our homeless teens and save Sally's House at The Salvation Army which helps provide a safe environment for some of our children in the most challenging and heartbreaking of situations. Nearly sixty percent of people in the 3rd District use some sort of form of DSHS- it truly is a lifeline for many people and we cannot stand for further cuts.

4. Bring a four-year medical school to Spokane. My experience has allowed me to be uniquely positioned to deliver on the medical school- a long time Spokane priority. We have set the table with the funding of the Biomedical and Health Sciences Building. We have the opportunity to make our community not only a center of healthcare excellence, but also bring economic development around clinical research. My first push would be for a bill or provision in the operating budget to fund additional graduate medical education slots. Spokane's future is linked to growing the health care sector and this would help bring the medical school and 13,000 new jobs upon completion.

5. Continue to work toward the completion of the North-South Corridor (NSC). The work on the NSC creates more jobs for our economy with every dollar spent. It will impact our economy by helping move freight, will reduce travel time by an estimated two million hours each year and will save an estimated 1.7 million gallons of gas annually. It also will have a positive environmental impact reducing emissions, improving air quality and supporting alternative transportation.