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Jay Inslee (D) - Candidate for WA Governor

Jay Inslee (R) is running for Governor of the State of Washington Jay Inslee (R) is running for Governor of the State of Washington

Political Party: Democrat
Education: B.A. Economics - U of Washington; J.D. from Willamette
Spouse: Trudi Inlsee
Religion: Protestant
Date of Birth: February 9, 1951


Jay Inslee is a fifth-generation Washingtonian, son of a biology teacher and a sales clerk
at Sears and Roebuck. Jay grew up in White Center. After graduating from Ingraham
High School, Jay married his high school sweetheart, Trudi. Jay and Trudi then spent
nearly 20 years working and raising their three sons in the Yakima Valley.

Jay first got into public service to fight for a new public high school in Selah in
1985. He then went on to represent the 14th legislative district in the state House of
Representatives and in 1992 was elected to Congress from Eastern Washington. Jay
later moved back to the Puget Sound area and was elected to Congress in 1998 where he
served until 2012.

Having lived on both sides of the Cascades, Jay understands the economic frustrations
facing families all across Washington State. He's worked several jobs in his life, from
driving cement trucks, running jackhammers and painting houses, to prosecuting
criminals and drunk drivers, and teaching at a community college.

In Congress, Jay was known as a forward-thinking leader. His record reflects an
independent-minded approach and a thoughtful foresight about the future global

More than a decade ago, when Congress took the first steps toward our economic
calamity by deregulating the banks and eliminating safeguards that had been in place
since the Depression, Inslee was one of the few who voted no.

When our nation's leaders dragged America into an unnecessary and costly war in Iraq
based on false claims, Inslee resisted the political pressure and opposed going to war.

In the midst of our economic crisis in 2008, Congress was pressured into passing an
$800 billion bailout of the big banks at taxpayer expense. Inslee again bucked his party
leadership and voted no on the bailout.

And long before others recognized the job-creation potential of the clean energy industry,
Jay was working to convince our nation's leaders that we could be the ones leading in
this new economic frontier and putting thousands of people to work in good-paying jobs.

A national leader in clean energy and working to create jobs

Jay co-wrote a book called "Apollo's Fire: Igniting America's Clean-Energy Economy"
and is a recognized leader on clean energy and the job-creation potential it holds. He's
fought for investments in innovative energy sources such as biofuels, solar, and wind, and
has helped businesses across Washington produce and consume clean energy, creating
jobs here at home.

Over the last 20 years, while living and representing people on both sides of the
Cascades, Jay has worked successfully to open up trade opportunities for Washington
apples, and helped protect Boeing workers by writing the amendment that required a fair
playing field with foreign competition for the recent Air Force tanker contract.

As governor, Jay will provide visionary leadership that not only strengthens our current
industries, but also grows a new economy based on the clean-energy jobs of the future.

Jay holds a bachelor's degree in economics from the University of Washington and
earned his law degree from Willamette University.

Please elaborate on your position below

On Economic Issues:

Tax Policy --- To incentivize hiring, I am proposing targeted tax relief to small
businesses who hire new workers. In addition, to assist businesses who are
engaging in costly R&D but not yet generating revenue, I am proposing a tradable
tax credit that will help them generate much-needed capital. But one of the
biggest challenges we face is an ineffective process for reviewing tax loopholes
and ensuring their effectiveness. I am proposing a more rigorous review of tax
preferences to ensure they are creating jobs and helping our economy, and will
require tax preferences to be subject to an up-or-down vote by the Legislature before
they are renewed.

In addition, I plan to continue and expand a lean management process in state
government. These kinds of reforms empower state workers to find efficiencies
in their agencies, reduce red tape, and make government more responsive to the
needs of citizens and the economy.

However, the most important and long-lasting thing we can do to increase revenue is
to grow Washington State's economy.

Job Creation --- The only sustainable way to ensure we can fund the things we care
about most, such as education, is by growing our economy. That's why, with nearly
300,000 people still out of work, my top priority is creating jobs. I have a substantive
plan to grow key industries in which Washington has a strong advantage such as
agriculture, aerospace, and clean tech.

Unemployment --- Washington State has faced persistently high unemployment, with
nearly 300,000 still out of work. My jobs plan includes ideas for creating jobs for all
kinds of workers throughout Washington, from welders to truck drivers to engineers.
One of the most important things we can do in the near-term is provide job training
and education opportunities for workers in fields that are hiring. For example, we
face a growing need for aerospace workers. I was proud to support creation of
the Washington Aerospace Training Center where the majority of students are

adults who are retraining successfully for jobs with Washington's many aerospace
businesses. We can and must do the same for workers wanting to retrain in other
key industries such as life sciences or maritime.

On Social Issues

Same Sex Marriage --- I do not believe it is up to politicians to tell people who to love
or who to marry. I have been fortunate to be married happily for 40 years and believe
everyone deserves that same opportunity. I support marriage equality.

Abortion --- I support ensuring women have access to the kinds of health care and
family planning services to prevent unintended pregnancy, and I support a woman's
right to choose.

Marijuana In Washington --- I'll be voting no on I-502. I do believe, though, that
law enforcement resources can be more effectively used towards other priorities.
In regards to medical marijuana, I don't think the federal government should be
interfering with the state's effort to provide patients safe, regulated access.

On Healthcare

We must curb health care inflation to stop the growing percentage of the state's
budget going to health care. Health care spending for Washington State increased
69 percent between 2000-2013. Thirty-two percent of our 2011-2013 budget is going
towards health care, an eight percent increase from about 10 years ago. If we don't
reign in the cost of health care and keep the inflationary rate down, it will continue
to eat a larger and larger portion of our budget, to the detriment of other important
priorities, such as education.

That's one reason I am proposing that we implement the kind of preventative-based
health care system for our state employees and Medicaid recipients that has helped
King County reduce costs by more than $60 million in two years.

Now that the US Supreme Court has upheld the Affordable Care Act, we need
to move forward to expand Medicaid to cover low-income adults and create a
competitive Health Benefit Exchange in Washington that controls costs, improves
consumer choice, provides increased transparency and accountability, and promotes
much needed competition in the health care market.

On Education

My philosophy for education is no excuses, no exceptions and excellence for all.

We'll ensure a quality teacher and principal in every classroom and school by
making evaluations a significant factor in staffing decisions and expanding teacher
training in subjects such as math and science. We'll launch an Innovative Schools

Initiative so more schools can adopt programs tailored to their students, and invest in
the things most proven to boost student success, like quality early learning.

To fully fund education we must improve the health of our economy and create jobs. I
will review all tax loopholes and close any that are no longer useful, work to bend the
cost curve on health care inflation, and implement a lean management process that
empowers state workers to more effectively deliver services.

On Transportation

Investing in transportation creates needed construction jobs today, lays the
foundation for the jobs of tomorrow, and keeps Washington competitive in an
internationally competitive world. My number one goal is to grow our economy and
create jobs, and as governor I will be a unifying leader who moves our whole state
forward on transportation with a focus on:
• Setting priorities and ensuring resources are targeted first at projects that
meet the safety, maintenance and economic development needs of the state.
• Maintaining accountability and transparency at the Washington State
Department of Transportation to ensure projects are being completed on time
and within budget.
• Actively building stakeholder, legislative and public support for essential
projects, and working closely with our delegation and federal partners to
pursue funding for our transportation infrastructure.

Examples of critical projects we must build include:
• I-90 improvements and maintenance – Keeping I-90 free of congestion
and road hazards, such as rockslides and wildlife, is critical to our state's
most important east-west connection. If we're to continue expanding into
international markets, the main route from our orchards, vineyards and wheat
fields to our ports needs to remain safe, well-maintained and open year-
• North Spokane Corridor – This corridor is critical and an engine of job
growth in Eastern Washington; it must remain a top priority. A number of
important benefits will be achieved when the I-90 to US 395 corridor is finally
complete. This route is already an important commercial link, carrying over
7.2 million tons of freight through Spokane annually. The new highway will
increase freight capacity as well as provide alternative transportation options,
improve safety and cut down on greenhouse emissions with reduced travel

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