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Dave White (R) - Candidate for WA State House, Dist. 3, Pos. 2

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Dave White is running for WA State House - Dist. 3, Pos. 2 Dave White is running for WA State House - Dist. 3, Pos. 2

Political Party: Republican
Education: A.A.S. From Spokane Community College in Liberal Arts, Water Resources and Natural Resources
Spouse: Jerry L. White
Religion: Christian
Date of Birth: Sept. 1952

Background: I am the son of a 20 year career military NCO (USAF), 45 year resident of Spokane County, U.S. Navy Vet (Viet Nam Era), former owner/operator of a trucking business for 10 years, and currently am employed by Spokane County for the last 22 years as an inspector of public works projects both large and small. I am currently a member of PTE Local 17 and have also been a member of AFSCME and the Teamsters Local 690. I also am a part owner of a small ranch that raises all natural Angus beef and own a small rental property. My elected experience includes three years as a PCO and I have been an elected delegate to the Spokane County Convention and Washington State Convention in 2010 and I was proudly elected a Ron Paul delegate for both the Spokane County Convention and the Washington State Convention this year. I have just been elected PCO in the last Primary for two more years in my precinct. I was proud to have been a member of the bi-partisan committee that fought and won to keep the East Side Library open when it was threatened for closure in 2011.

Top Priorities

1) My first priority will be to tackle the education budget first, and to see that it is fully funded first with more money to the classrooms as recently required by court decision.

2) My 2nd focus will be on job creation, to increase the number of TAXPAYERS and reduce the number of people needing public assistance. I will accomplish this by reducing oppressive regulations on businesses and changing the formula for collecting the B&O Tax from a tax on gross revenue to net proceeds; as well introducing a formula whereby new startup businesses will pay no tax the 1st year, 20% the 2nd year, 40% the 3rd year, 60% the 4th year and 80% in their 5th year. After the 5th year they will pay the full tax as their business becomes established.

3) I will commit to funding the constitutionally required mandates for our budget first starting with 1) education fully funded, 2) public safety and welfare funding, 3) funding the maintenance and repair of our infrastructure, and 4) funding to secure our state's public trust properties. When these required areas are properly funded, I will then seek to use remaining funds to fund special projects and restore a reasonable rainy day fund which is now depleted.

4) With the increase in crime in our cities due to an increase of gang related activities, I will be seeking others to join me in the creation and passing of a "Castle Doctrine Law" to protect any person(s) who has to defend his/her home from perceived deadly criminal invasion with the use of deadly force. It is bad enough to have to experience this horror, but far worse to fear the loss of everything a family has worked for due to lawsuit. Criminals due not have a right to run roughshod over law abiding citizens in a civilized society.

5) The 5th item I would like to address is a reform in the licensing of our motor vehicles. As it stands now, the license plate stays with the vehicle and is valid for 12 months. I will propose that the term be increased to 24 months and the license plate stays with the original owner if that vehicle is sold, and be transferred to that person's next vehicle by paying a simple transfer fee. The buyer of the car would be responsible to apply for new license plates. This will accomplish two things. First a person would get the use of his license plate for the entire 24 months that was paid for and 2nd, it would be much harder for drivers with no driver's license or insurance to be able to drive on our streets because they would have to present a driver's license to secure the license plates. This should reduce the number of cars on the road driven by unlicensed drivers and allow the lawful drivers to take full advantage of their license plate fees. It would also reduce the number of trips every year to renew licenses.