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John W. Goedde (R) - Candidate for ID State Senate - Dist. 4

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John W. Goedde is running for Idaho State Senator for District 4 John W. Goedde is running for Idaho State Senator for District 4

Political Party: Republican
Terri White Goedde
Religion: Catholic
Date of Birth: 5/20/49


I have served my community in a number of capacities including Chairman of the Coeur d Alene Area Chamber of Commerce and 3 years as a Trustee for School District #271 and northern Idaho as President of the North Idaho Chamber of Commerce and co-chair of the Inland Pacific Hub (a bi-state transportation effort with Washington). With 12 years of service in the Idaho Senate, I have spent 12 years (8 years as chair) on the Education Committee, 12 years on Commerce and Human Resources and about 10 years on the Economic Outlook and Revenue Assessment Committee (9 as chair). I have served on numerous task forces and working groups including the Health Care Task Force, Teacher Evaluation Task Force, State Insurance Fund Board of Directors, IPRAC (governing board for the Idaho Education Network) and the Health Exchange Working Group.

Additional local involvement has included Rotary, Jaycees, Kootenai Charities, Kootenai Perspectives, Jobs Plus, the North Idaho College Foundation and the North Idaho Alzheimer's Association. On a national level, I just finished a two year term as Co Chair of the Standing Committee on Education for the National Conference of State Legislatures.

 Please describe your top 5 priorities if elected State Senator, District 4:

1. Get the best bang for the buck in education. Every other segment of our society has moved  into the digital age and has prospered from it. I believe Idaho is on the cutting edge of this work and I am proud to be a part of it. 75% of the courses taken over the Idaho Education Network this past year were either Advanced Placement or Dual Credit. We must embrace the use of technology where it can save time and effort so teachers can focus on the work that only they can do in the classroom. I believe our best teachers are underpaid but, prior to pay for performance, the best teachers were paid the same as the worst, based on time on the job and number of hours of education.

2. Idaho jobs depend on recruiting new businesses to the area and enhancing the ability of existing businesses to prosper. I will continue to work on making our worker's compensation  system as efficient as possible. In the past, I have carried legislation that made improvements and I am working on more projects in this arena. I have been appointed to the Idaho Global Entrepreneurship Mission board, an effort to direct university research toward technologies that stimulate business and create jobs and look forward to the task.

3. Idaho citizens must also have the skills necessary to fill positions being offered by business. Idaho needs to graduate students ready for further education without the need for remediation. That further education may be job training with an employer, certificates attainment or associate degrees at a community college or a four year degree at one of our universities or colleges. Education is still the means toward a higher quality of life, no matter which path one takes. I believe in the expanded role of community colleges toward that end. Even four year degrees cost less when the first two years are spent at a local community  college. Further, I believe each post secondary institution should publish information related to employability of the holder of every degree they offer to give high school students a better understanding of the possible outcomes from choices they make.

4. Roads, railroads, barges and airlines are the arteries of commerce. From the mid 90s forward, I have been an advocate for improvements to US95. I have testified before US Congressional Committees and at the State Legislature to improve the "goat trail". Improvements have been forthcoming with major sections finished but we need to focus our efforts north to the Canadian border to take advantage of additional trade opportunities. As airports such as SeaTac in Seattle become more congested and landlocked, Kootenai County would be a great site for an intermodal facility where Pacific Rim airfreight could find its way to either rail or trucks for delivery in the area. Opportunities would exist to "backhaul"local  products as well. We have 2 Class railroads, access to water at the Port of Lewiston, and an  east/west interstate already in place to utilize.

5. Water is a precious commodity in Idaho but, in Kootenai County, that resource is being challenged as it crosses into the State of Washington. Washington Ecology and the Environmental Protection Agency are imposing restrictive rules unevenly between communities in the Spokane area and those in Idaho. I believe that Idaho needs to take primacy of its water resources from the EPA so we will be in a better position to negotiate with the State of Washington on these issues.