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Gresham Bouma (R) - Candidate for ID State Senate - Dist. 5

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Political Party: Republican
Education: BBA in Accounting from BSU Teacher Certification through Univ.  Idaho Associate Degree in Solar Technology
Spouse: Wendy
Religion: Christian
Date of Birth: Sept. 22, 1959


Gresham's background includes degrees in solar technology and accounting and experience as city/school auditor, school district business manager, Idaho public school teacher for 6 years, small businessman for 12 years, avid student of economics, and small organic family farmer. These diverse public and private sector experiences equip him to address critical Idaho issues, including energy, education, agriculture, and the economy. He is married to Wendy and is the father of four, with one married and working at Schweitzer Engineering, another working as an engineer at the naval ship yards in Bremerton, and two still at home.

 Please describe your top 5 priorities if elected State Senator, District 5:

The economy is my top concern.  But economic growth cannot be created by government.  Growth comes from allowing the creativity and hard work of individuals to be rewarded.  Too often regulations are written by large corporate interests and act as barriers to small business and start-ups.  The economy is an organic entity with its own birth and death cycle that renews it and keeps it healthy.  Corporate welfare keeps the losers alive and regulations frequently keep the young, energetic and creative start-ups from getting space at the starting line.  In other words, as Reagan said, government isn't the solution, its the problem.  So my top priority is addressing anti-small business regulations and trying to create a level playing field for businesses of all sizes.

Health Freedom
I am committed to opposing the implementation of Obamacare.  If anyone doubts that PPACA has more than its share of Corporatism I would invite you to tell me who really wrote it.  All indications are that it was written by lobbyists and special interest groups since the people who voted on it did not even know what was in it, until it was passed.  It was also obviously not a grass-roots effort that gave us 2,700 pages of regulation and a maze of new bureaucracies.  Nor does it fix the bankrupt program of Medicare by expanding Medicaid dramatically.  The reality is that we are expanding dependency on government in every area even as it becomes painfully obvious that our government is headed for financial crisis.  We can observe in Europe that this is the normal course for socialism and also see that dependency peaks even as governments lose the ability to meet all the needs they have encouraged.

Control of Natural Resources
I believe that Idaho's natural resources and wildlife are the property of Idaho's people, not the Federal government, and they should therefor be overseen by the government of the State of Idaho.  This is just one area where government need to be moved closer to the people so that there is increased accountability and transparency.  How many of us really know what goes on in DC anyway?

Food Freedom
I am in favor of consumers being able to purchase whatever they want from the farmer or producer, whether it is a chicken, vegetable, raw milk, loaf of bread, or some other value added product without prohibitive labeling and government inspection requirements.  No one inspects like the customer herself/himself.

Defending Individual Rights
Our founding fathers argued that our rights were granted by our Creator, and were therefore unalienable.  This means that everyone has the same rights, and they don't come from government.  I will defend this traditional view of rights, as well as the idea that it is the job of government to protect those same rights.