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Cheryl Stransky (D) - Candidate for ID State House - Dist. 2, Pos. A

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Cheryl Stransky is running for Idaho State House of Representatives - District 2, Position A Cheryl Stransky is running for Idaho State House of Representatives - District 2, Position A

Political Party: Democratic
Education: Bachelor's Degree Psychology, Humboldt State University, Arcata, Calif., Master's
Degree in Psychology, Humboldt State University, Pupil Personnel Services Credential.
Date of Birth:

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Cheryl has lived in Northern Idaho for 35 years. She has two children, Erin and Conor, who were born, raised and received their outstanding education in the Coeur d'Alene schools. Cheryl worked as a high school counselor at Priest River Lamanna High School from 1977-80, then moved to Coeur d'Alene High School in 1980 where she worked for 23 years. Cheryl completed her career as a counselor in Woodland Middle School and retired in 2010. Cheryl was the President of the North Idaho Counseling Association, 2008-10. Cheryl has been an active member of various educational groups and worked with youth soccer and 4-H.


Please describe your top 5 priorities if elected State Representative, Legislative Dist. #2, Seat A:

I reached my tipping point this last legislative session with the unproductive political agenda promoted by my opponent, whose focus has kept Idaho lagging behind the nation in living wage jobs, infrastructure development, education, and medical care. In pursuing a course toward disenfranchising our state from the rest of the nation, his agenda has put Idaho families and our communities at risk. This course is unacceptable.

1. A strong education system is the key to moving Idaho forward. This will not occur under the current Luna Laws, which mandate laptop computer courses that are inferior to the quality and educational standards of our current instructed courses. No one disputes the incorporation of technology as an integrated tool for learning. But computer programs cannot replace direct student/teacher interaction.

2. I support business development which recognizes the need for balance among all participants in the fundamental business relationship, which includes owners, employees, and customers/consumers. This also includes a fair and equitable tax structure.

3. I seek to promote infrastructure development that benefits us all – both physical, in the form of roads, bridges and communications systems, and human, in the form of an educated, energetic, and forward-looking work force.

4. I support a woman's right to determine her individual health care decisions in consultation with her family and the medical professionals of her choosing. State mandates that single out women with respect to their medical procedures and decisions are an unacceptable intrusion into the lives of private citizens.

5. I support the right of North Idaho citizens to formulate their own legislation, rather than  adopt prepared legislation from ALEC, an out-of-state organization funded by the biggest corporations in the United States. Mr. Barbieri's recent trip to Utah (paid for with our tax dollars) to bring back ALEC- written legislation is NOT in the best interests of the majority of Idaho citizens.