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Air Quality "Moderate" For Spokane

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SPOKANE, Wash. - For many people in Spokane, the last week has been brutal. Breathing in smoke has been a large problem for many people around the area.

Officials at Sacred Heart Medical Center say that when they compare the second week in August to the second week in September, it has seen a 26% increase in repertory patients.

Across the border in Idaho, one boy has had to stay inside and not play outside with his friends for about a week. His mom, Kayla Hitchcock, has had to keep him inside due to all the smoke.

"He came inside and sounded like a 9 year old. His voice was so gravely and nasally and he gets allergic shiners and dark circles under his eyes," Hitchcock said.

She said her son hates being inside and doesn't understand why he can't go out and play.

"There's another two kids who are his age too. And he wants so badly to go out and play with them, but I just say you can't. And he gets so upset. And he tries to sneak out," said Hitchcock. But until the smoke goes away, her little boy will continue playing inside.