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EXCLUSIVE: Woman Shot In The Face Says Shooting 'Blown Out Of Proportion'

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SPOKANE, Wash. - Joshua Graham was taken into custody after a SWAT standoff on Monday. Graham had been on the run from police for about a week after he allegedly shot his girlfriend, Justine, in the face. 

Monday night, the victim of that shooting decided to talk exclusively to KHQ about the incident. 
Sitting with her boyfriend's mom in front of their house, Justine showed little evidence of her injuries.

With a scratch on her nose and a brace keeping her from moving her head, it would be hard to believe one week ago she was rushed to the hospital after being shot in the face. According to detectives, her boyfriend, Joshua Graham is the only suspect in the shooting that left a bullet lodged near her spine. 

Amazingly, she was released a few days later with no major injuries. After being released, her main concern was for her boyfriend. 

The two say the last week has been extremely difficult, not knowing where Joshua was and if he was safe. Graham's mother, Donna, had the chance to speak to him briefly today after he was taken into custody following a standoff with police.
Both women called it an unfortunate incident that has been blown out of proportion, but neither would elaborate any further without speaking to a lawyer.

Justine says after the shooting, Joshua called 911 and actually walked her to a vehicle outside telling the driver she needed to be taken to the hospital. The two have been dating for the last couple of months and she describes him as a charming, funny and caring boyfriend that would never do anything to hurt her.
Joshua is now in custody, facing Attempted Murder and weapons charges. He is expected to make his first appearance in front of a judge Tuesday afternoon.

Police say they're still looking for the gun used in last week's shooting. So far it has not been found.